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   Wave Wifi CONNEX

Wave WiFi Connex represents a variety of wireless interface solutions that utilize the features and technology of the Wave WiFi EC-Series providing wireless connectivity between remote sensors and display units or computers.

Each component of Wave WiFi's Connex interface is designed and engineered for the marine environment. Like all Wave WiFi products, the Connex interfaces are configured for high receive sensitivity and transmitter output meaning wireless connections are possible over long distances.

Examples of Wave WiFi Connex applications include wireless echo sounders and forward looking SONAR for tugs and barges and remote echo sounder readings between a yacht and its tender in uncharted waters.

Commercial Application


Yacht Application

Since each model in the Wave WiFi EC-Series is an Ethernet converter (EC), a direct connection can be made to any Ethernet enabled devices such as IP Cameras, Echo Sounders, SONAR, WeatherFax and Voice over IP (VoIP) modems.

The broad functionality of Wave WiFi's Connex means that the IP enabled device will perform flawlessly as a standalone system or integrated into the ship's network.

Wireless IP cameras are practical for onboard security and remote observation. When paired with VoIP and a good Internet connection, the IP camera can facilitate remote diagnostics and repairs in a multitude of onboard situations.

Wave WiFi Connex prices vary depending upon the application. See your Wave WiFi reseller or contact GEOSat Solutions .

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